French Riviera

The destination for discerning investors

Bonte Filipidis™ was created in 2014 in Portugal in response to the remarkable investment opportunities presented by Europe’s thriving economies. Now, we are thrilled to expand our offerings on the French Riviera. As a residential real estate boutique, we provide services for clients looking to have a stress-free experience investing in Europe’s top locations. The French Riviera has long been considered an optimal investment destination for high-level investors, as well as a relocation destination of choice for the most discerning elites.

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Beauty and class comingle on the French Riviera

Where the alps meet the Mediterranean, the French Riviera is synonymous with luxury. The coastline of the south of France represents the best life has to offer, whether you are vacationing or making it a long-term lifestyle. France itself ranks as #9 in the U.S. News Best Countries and number 22 on the Prosperity Index.

Investment on
the French Riviera

The French Riviera has ample opportunities across art, tourism, and real estate. The region includes the principality of Monaco. With the world’s highest per capita GDP, Monaco is a tax haven where residents are free from paying income tax. France has one of the largest markets in Europe, and Paris is a European leader in venture capital. The French Riviera will never go out of style – it’s a lifetime investment and will live on for generations.

The area features diverse benefits, including:
  • A mild climate year-round
  • Prestigious locations for privacy
  • Favorite vacation spots of writers and artists with modern celebrity homes
  • Beaches, coves, and yachts
  • Reasonable pricing per square meter in well-known Cannes and Nice
  • One of the most sought-after second-home locations in the world
  • Heavy tourism traffic
  • A Pay-as-you-earn tax system

Worldwide business standings

France is ranked #52 among the 180 countries that comprise the 2020 Index of Economic Freedom and stands at #21 on the list of 141 countries that make up the 2019 World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Report. The French Riviera produces 75% of the world’s luxury perfumes. Tourists on the French Riviera spend over $5 billion per year.

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High Quality Lifestyle

  • World-class skiing in winter and pristine beaches in summer
  • Relaxing picturesque towns next to high-roller casinos
  • Coastal resorts in Cannes, St. Tropez, and more
  • An affluent community
  • Excellent healthcare services
  • Ideal for both an active and relaxed lifestyle

Diverse Benefts Throughout the Region

With several locations encompassed in the French Riviera, you will see different benefits across each area. Among the main locations, are:

  • Nice: Known as a central hub with stunning scenery, this location is ideal for travelers, with convenient access to the rest of Europe.
  • Monaco: This principality nestled between France and Italy is famous for its yachts, casinos, and tax-free lifestyle with room for immerse financial growth.
  • Cannes: As a hot spot for film stars and global celebrities, this area is known for its annual world-class film festival event which draws attention from around the globe.
  • Saint Tropez: This exclusive and stunning location has maintained its quaint village feel despite attracting the global elite. If you are looking for that authentic European fishing town, this area offers the best of both worlds.
  • Saint Jean Cap Ferrat: As a favorite destination for yacht owners, this area is private, gorgeous, and home to the best weather, pools, and Mediterranean cuisine
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Unmatched Cultural Opportunities

From exceptional cuisine to the joys of the outdoors, this region truly has it all.
You will be immersed in the best environment for

  • Nature: The weather and pristine beaches of this region are world famous for representing the height of paradise. With a serene landscape and private and public options, you can relax by the water, enjoy stunning hikes, and live a life in the water.
  • Art and architecture: As a home to many artists throughout history, the area features the Picasso, Renior, and Matisse museums to name just a few.
  • Food and drink: The French Riviera is known for its ratatouille, pistou soup, tapenade, among others.
    Year-round events: Join celebrations such as the mimosa festival, carnival of Nice, and F1 Monaco

Looking for a property in French Riviera?

Whether you're looking for a luxurious seafront villa, a chic city apartment, or a peaceful countryside retreat, we can help you find the perfect property on the French Riviera. Our network of local partners know the area inside and out and have access to the most exclusive and discrete properties. Check out our online properties now, or contact us to access our off-market exclusive listings.

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