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With its initial origins in real estate development, Bonte Filipidis™ was created in 2014 in Portugal, thanks to the remarkable investment opportunities presented by a country with a thriving economy and a long list of incredible advantages for living and working. In 2016, and in direct response to market demands, it became a residential real estate boutique, catering directly to clients who not only wanted to invest or relocate to Portugal, but who wanted to do so stress-free and with zero problems.
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One of the 20 best places to live, invest and work in Europe

It’s also one of the safest countries in the world. Politically stable and with a privileged geopolitical position, as a member of the European Union, Portugal offers access to a market of 28 countries with approximately 495 million consumers, providing an entryway into a global market of 220 million Portuguese-speaking consumers.

A safe port for
real estate investment

With a rapidly growing, long-term interest in real estate development and investment properties – residential, hospitality, business – our clients choose Portugal for a multitude of enticing reasons. In addition to being ranked #25 on the list of the 161 best countries for doing business, this country boasts so many more benefits:
  • Innovative and stable economy
  • Incomparable investment opportunities
  • Competitive business factors and conditions
  • Ease of starting a business (5 days, 6 procedures)
  • Ease of registering a property (1 day, 1 procedure)
  • The concept of property used in Portugal is “full ownership” or “freehold”
  • High productivity levels
  • Clear tax rules
  • Ease of obtaining residence permits
  • Special tax regime for non-habitual residents
  • Inheritance tax revoked in this country
  • Attractiveness and quality of life

Taxation benefits

Portugal is ranked #56 among the 180 countries that comprise the 2020 Index of Economic Freedom and stands at #34 on the list of 141 countries that make up the 2019 World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Report. Why? Because, among the many benefits for foreign investors, as it follows, Portugal is a great place to live.

portugal high quality lifestyle

High Quality Lifestyle

  • Beautiful, diverse natural scenery
  • Cosmopolitan cities with cultural attractions and a high standard of restaurants, bars, nightlife and hotels
  • Very high level international and local schools
  • Excellent healthcare system
  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • International expat network
  • Healthy work life balance
  • Multitude of indoor and outdoor hobbies and pursuits to suit all individuals and families

Non Habitual Resident Tax Regime (NHR)

It presents an array of fiscal advantages, with tax exemptions or extremely reduced taxes for residents under the regime, making it possible to receive most foreign income without attracting Portuguese tax for 10 years. Also:

  • Tax exempt from foreign sourced dividends, interests, real estate and pension.
  • No wealth, gifts or inheritance taxes.
  • Flat income tax rate of 20% for those employed in Portugal in one of the pre-defined ‘high-value’ professions.
portugal non habitual resident tax regime nhr
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Portugal Golden Visa Program

What are the advantages of the Golden Visa? Created in 2012, the program allows foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal and to apply for Portuguese citizenship after five years, among other benefits such as:

  • Enter Portugal without a special visa
  • Live and work in Portugal
  • Bring your family with you
  • Apply for permanent residency and/or Portuguese citizenship after five years
  • Access the Portuguese healthcare and education system (on the same basis as Portuguese citizens)
  • Travel freely in the entire Schengen Area

Looking for a property in Portugal?

Whether you're looking for a modern beachfront villa, an authentic city apartment, or a serene quinta, we can help you find the perfect property in Portugal. Our team of experienced brokers knows the country inside and out and has access to the most exclusive and discreet properties. Check out our online listings now, or contact us to gain access to our off-market exclusive properties.

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