10 Best Places to Buy Real Estate Overseas in 2021

Germany is the strongest option for investment opportunities

After a whirlwind 2020, real estate markets remain optimistic, in part due to how countries were affected by and handled the COVID-19 pandemic, bouncing back with a resilient and trustworthy economy intact, without forgetting about the sector’s current trends. Whether for business, pleasure or both, for investment opportunities or acquiring a dream home in a dream country, these are the 10 best places to buy real estate overseas in 2021. 

1. London, UK
Seen as a long-time stable investment, London’s real estate world continues to stand out, thanks to a steady economy, a thriving job market and that English lifestyle that hasn’t and will definitely not lose its appeal any time soon. 

2. Paris, France

Another European gold standard, the French capital is expected to continue to attract all sorts of investments in real estate, in part due to the Great Paris project which is channeling over €30,000 million into the city, with the goal of boosting business and the economy. 

3. Berlin, Germany

Considered one of the hot spots for investment properties in 2021, Berlin has been attracting foreign investors for a handful of years now, but with the undeniable housing boom that the city is experiencing, that number is expected to increase, along with real estate acquisitions. 

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s popularity continues steadfast thanks to its safety, quality of life and Golden Visa program and the way the country’s economy is slowly and steadily bouncing back amid the coronavirus pandemic, which means that Lisbon maintains its pole position as a great real estate investment for 2021.

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5. Frankfurt, Germany

Following closely on the heels of Berlin, Frankfurt’s real estate market is registering unprecedented demand, opening a window of fresh opportunities for foreign investors who have their eye on prime real estate in Europe.

6. Brussels, Belgium

Quite possibly the most unexpected candidate, but there are strong and clear indications that Brussels will have a variety of interesting investment opportunities to offer those looking to buy real estate overseas in 2021. 

7. Milan, Italy

Against all odds, especially when considering the devastating and influential effects of COVID-19 on the city and the country, the truth is that Milan continues to attract investor confidence and adequately fulfill investment needs.

8. Hamburg, Germany

Germany’s powerful economy, impressive stability and liquidity are the reason behind one more German city making this already impressive list of real estate investment prospects to watch closely in 2021

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With real estate prices rising, low interest rates and over 2,500 weekly property transactions, the real estate market in Amsterdam is thriving and giving investors a lot to take in, analyze and, who knows, maybe even acquire in 2021.

10. Munich, Germany

When it comes to overall real estate prospects for 2021 in Europe, Germany definitely takes the remarkable and promising lead with a total of four cities making the top 10 list for real estate investments. Excited to see what will happen next? We are too!

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